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After studying Audio visual and Graphic design at Epsom college of Art then 2D and Stop Motion Animation at Bournemouth College, Danny moved to London and worked as a model maker and character designer for The Puppet factory.
There he developed a unique illustration style and focused on becoming an Animator / Director working solely on projects designed & directed by himself. During this period Danny was funded by channel 4 and Bigfatstudio to do two short films Vinny and Ill Communication which were well received on the world festival circuit. It was through these projects that he started to define and build a strong show reel and folio. His influences are a mixture of Skateboard graphics, Graffiti, Comics, 70’s board games and 50’s toys and vinyl collectables. This distinctive blend of inspiration was recognized by Aardman Animations and Bermuda shorts who then invited him to join their reel as a freelance commercial Director / Designer.

During the early to mid nineties, Dan along with a bunch of other like minded artists shared a studio in Bristol, (Will Barras / Mr Jago / China Mike / Dicy / Feek / Acer/ Mudwig / Eco / Paris / Xenz / Inkie/ Sickboy) doing paint and canvas exhibitions, under the pseudonym Hero73*.
This was at the start of Bristol’s Urban Art scene where Banksy and Nick Walker had already paved the way .

Shortly after, Danny along with his sister, started Bionyc Industries, a design company and shop creating & selling customized canvases and limited edition clothing.
After 2 years designing & developing products for retail, Danny along with his brother and sister created Crush licensing and Canvas Nation.

It was around this time when Aardman Animations awarded him a job as Production Designer on Chop Socky Chooks, a CGI series for Cartoon Network which won a Gemini award for Best Animated series 2008 and has just been nominated for a BAFTA 2009. Nickelodeon soon followed, commissioning Danny to direct and design Idents and branding for their global identity.
Soon after he was invited to develop his own Show for Cartoon Network which is still in progress.

He is now resides in Bristol with his wife Lola and is Creative Director for two companies and works as a freelance animation Director / Designer creating characters for Licensing, series and commercials.

Over the last 12 years Danny has worked for an impressive list of clients including:
Nickelodeon, Aardman Animations, Cartoon Network, MTV, CBBC, BBC, Pepsi, Nestle, Channel4, Rimmel, Revlon, Hershy’s, Wrigleys, Sony Ericsson,
Vauxhall, Extreme Games, EA Games, Buena Vista and Disney.

Danny Capozzi (Hero73's) Blog-a-Tron

January 2012
Well finally the board game packaging I designed called BBQ Blitz has been released.
Theres a link below so you can check some product photos out. They should give you a good idea of how it turned out. I was pretty pleased in the end. Should be gettiing a sample any time now from the team over at Educational insights over in U.S.


December 2011
Had the great pleasure of doing some T-Shirt designs for Marvel Comics (Licence owned by Disney) I was given access to use all they're original line art work and go to town with my own style. It was a great little project and I hope to do more in the new year.
More shinnanagans with Phil Reece this month hooking up with Chemical Records to do a line of Hi end T-Shirts for the consciencious Tee wearer. They will be out to buy in the new year from chemical-records.co.uk Can't wait to get my hands on the finished threads. Look out for my Hero73 Tag on them. Possibly Hoodies too.

November 2011
Been busy at Aardmans stop motion animating on a commercial for Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Sauce. This won't be released til April so no pics I'm afraid till then.
It was directed by the very talented Merlin Crossingham mostly known for his sterling animation work on Wallace and Gromit and Creature Comfort idents and commercials amongst many other projects.

September 2011
Been a long while since updating my site. My lovely lady wife Lola and I had a beautiful baby boy 'Vinny' and have dedicated the last 6 months to watching him grow. I've been lucky to have been able to work from home doing Old Mexican wrestling poster style Record sleeve Art for my good friend Phil at DefaceDesign. It's for a distribution company called DMS that have just launched they're new office in Ireland. Theyre the same company Phil and I did Pete Goss's Yacht graphics for. (See ref on Illustration page). I have also been juggling fatherhood with pitches for Wrigley's, SPAM ( Yes It does still exhist and is a massive staple meal in Hawaii apparently??? ) I have also been doing more screen prints which have gone off to auction in Sydney through Art republic. I have also designed the packaging for a company called Educational Insights that focuses on cool board games for kids. I had a lot of fun designing the box for a game called BBQ Blitz which you can see in my Illustration section.
I hooked up with a great comedy writer Ben Thompson from Hoot Comedy. He is a mutual mate of graff artist extrardinaire Inkie. Ben and I subsequently have been working on a very hush hush series idea that will hopefully get kids bouncing off the walls....literally!!! Were all really happy with the art work so far and is super rich in it's look. Sadly I cannot divulge much more but will defo keep you posted. Iv'e also been developing a WII game for a preschool show but thats a slow burner. Again i can't say too much. That's all for the moment. Keep checking in!

Feb / March 2011
Eircom Telecommunications TV Ad and Hotels.com
I have just finished Directing Designning and Animating a cute little job for Aardman Animations,
It's for Eircom Telecommunications. Loads of fun with Russian dolls.
Previous to that I was one of the key animators on a Hotels.com commercial for the U.S and french Canadians. We had to animate the lip synch shots in both languages which was a touch taxing if you don't speak french.
Click on the Images to link through to the ads on youtube...Enjoy!
April 2010
Double Vinyl Art release:
Kick Started this month with a tidy little job via a couple of good old mates, Phil Reese of Deface Design & Matt Booth. I was briefed with no more than the title 'Crushing the Great North/South Divide which will be a compilation on double CD and Vinyl of fresh music artists from the two poles of the UK. It's great to get such an open brief to just go a bit mental and loose and see what happens. It went down a storm so keep a look out for it. I will post better images soon once it gets pressed and printed. Pink Vinyl....mmm bubblicious!
There will be a phat launch party in Brighton in May me thinks!

Art Print for Ink-Dot:
Decided to join submit a print design for the next up and coming Ink-Dot exhibition in the Gallery above The Howies store, The triangle Bristol. The theme is 'Escape' so I had the idea of a beast escaping the clutches of hunters whilst he himself hunts fresh prey, but to no avail as they too escape off into the sun. Not sure if it's a sad or happy ending???
Launch party is 17th June and the exhibition will run for 2 weeks. The last one had long cues outside so get there early. I have just submitted this design so hopefully it will get picked.
The Tee shirt was an extra. Could be a summer Tee!

Temwa Charity Auction:
I just hand painted a deck for the Temwa Charity Auction. I was give a plain deck and wood stained the character and used a minimal pallette. Hope it fetches a few bob as it's for a very worthy cause building a sustainable future for kids in Malawi. The event is at The Attic Bar bottom of stokes Croft on Friday 21st May.

March 2010 ( See Illustration section for images and older posts)
I thought I would paste up a couple of pics of a quick piece I did in a new bar in East London called 'The Queen of Hoxton'. Other Artists that contributed were, The Pirates, Pete Fowler Eddie Fett, Pure Evil, Stephanie Haddow and Remi and Good Wives and Warriors. I will also be touring with INKIE, CHEO, DYLAN SHIPLEY,FLX in the SECRET WARS doodle Battles. Malmo vs Bristol (27th March @ Secret Venue) then Bristol vs Glasgow (14th May @ Start the Bus Bristol.) Big thanks to all for visiting my works and your kind comments.
If you click through to my Illustration section you will find new bits and pieces. Enjoy!
Oh and please keep the feedback coming. Love and doodles Danny.C HERO73*

Summer Threads
2010 Summer is on it's way, so pick up some fresh threads: Mens Tees and Hoodies and girls Vests, Hoodies and Sweats! These are a limited run so get your hands on them before they go!
I will also be selling clothing and Art prints at The Big Chill Bar (Small st Bristol) monthly from 10am-6pm. The next one will be: Valentines Art Market 7th Feb.
Pop in for a Mr Scruff Cuppa and check out the January bargains!

March 2010:
I can't believe were in March already. Bjeeesuz time flies....
I could tell you how I spent last week cartwheeling down a snow capped mountain losing my phone
in Chamonix but instead i'll fill you in on what i've been up to work wise.
I have been pitching on a fair bit of stuff these last couple of months, through Aardmans, Nicorette, Antiflu and the rebbranding of PayPal, which I'm still waiting to hear back.
I have also been pitching with Lambie Nairn and a Bristol agency called Maison Zimbler on a morph type commercial. It's been tough to get anyone to make quick decisions and lots of pitches are going back into research for further feedback. Whilst I ahve been waiting I have been up to London to paint a new bar called The Queen of Hoxton (see home page). I along with another 8 artists was approached by the PR company called idea Generation who did some Bionyc Industries promo stuff back when me and my sis had the store in Covent Garden 6 years ago.
I have also been busy promoting my Art prints (see shop page). I have managed to get my prints into Art Republic and in Brighton and EpochArt Gallery in Surrey. Fingers crossed i get a reorder and this is the start of good things as far as my Art prints go.
This week I was approached by Ubisoft, the company that brought you the computer game 'Rabbids'.
It's had huge global success and seems to be growing from strength to strength.
They have asked if I would create them a style guide to capture the essence of the Rabbids world.
My brother Fabio and I are in discussions and formulating an outline of how we will achieve this as it's a collossal undertaking as there are so many worlds that the Rabbids have conquered. To sum it all up under one roof will certainly be a challenge. I imagine it will roll out in phases.
I'm starting a job on monday at Aardmans, I have decided to go back to my old roots of stop motion animating. I felt it was a waste of a skill that I had spent so long getting my head round. I thought it would be cool to jump back in the deep end and get my claymation skills back up to scratch.
It can be time consuming and frustrating but the results are always so rewarding. Bringing the dead to life. The commercial is for 'Hotels.com' which will be aired in the U.S only. Sadly i didn't get to design the characters but it will be nice to focus on their performances.
In the next week or two I will also be designing characters for another Hershey's commercial.
It has been a good run for these ads and they seem to be working well in U.S and S.America.
I will be doing two seperate spots, as the characters need to relate to the demographic of their own country. It's kind of weird because they are all made of molten chocolate, but it's amazing how you can tell the differences in the structures of their faces, their hair do's and their facial features.
I'll paste all this stuff up for you to see when it's done.
Dat's all for now, keep sending any comments. They are much appreciated.
Big Love x
Danny Capozzi HERO73*
Firstly thanks for visiting my zoo of works.
It's been a busy decade for me which I won't bore you with. I'll just fill you in on the latest.

Chop Socky Chooks has already won a Gemini award 2008 for Best Animated series, now in 2009 it has been nominated for a Childrens Bafta. I have the great pleasure of attending this prestigous event on the 29th Nov in London. Wish us luck!

For all you lovers of Art and fashion, get yourselves down to The Big Chill Bar  on Small st in Bristol for the first of hopefully many Art & Fashion Market s on the 6th Dec.
My lovely wife Lola and I will also be doing st Nichs Market on the 13th & 20th Dec on Corn Street (Top end), Come and find us and check out stall selling Screen Printed Pashminas (Pretty Dixie) and Art prints and apparel from me Hero73* & Bionyc Industries.

Top Secret!
For the last 18 months I have been beavering away ( am i allowed to say beavering?) anyways, badgering away working on my 2D/3D series development for Cartoon Network.

It was a real joy to work with Daniel Lennard and the talented development team up in London and i learnt a hell of a lot along the way. The blood sweat and tears were all worth it. I would like to thank my close team members (Andy Janes, Nikk Fielden & Tom Parkinson, Ollie Reid Jackie Priddle and all the Hothead films animation crew for helping on the 11min pilot and the amazing Animated trailer. Unfortunately I can't give too much away as it's all pretty confidential until it's gets the go ahead. For now I just have to play the waiting game. Fingers crossed.

For the Kids yeah!
I am also currently Re-designing characters and backgrounds for a pre school series for Tinopolis for the U.S market.
Again it's confidential so I cant say much more than it's looking cute and bonkers!

Sexy Chocolate?
I have just finished designing characters for the latest Hershey's commercial for Aardman Animations which is being directed by Bobby Proctor and will be due to air soon in South America.
The animators are furiously turning my characters into CGI molten chocolate as we speak. Good luck to the team down at Aards at Gas Ferry
road. Can't wait to see it. To see the last ones we did look at my 'More Animation' section in the drop down menu. Sweeeeeeeet!

Canvas Nation Go!
My Siblings and i have also launched Canvas Nation.
Canvas Nation is a Design-led art programme, a collaboration between leading design talent from the UK and Europe. Each year we select 5 Artists to submit a strong style that would work well as a License on various products such as homeware, stationary and apparel.
Though under the Canvas nation Brand each Artists signiture will be on the product making it a desirable collectable. The Artist then benefits from not only wide exposure but from royalties of each product sold.
We featured at brand Licensing this year and had a great response.

We have just clinched a deal with Optipak, a contact lens case company.
Myself along my sister Bru & Artists Mizzo &Fett, will be launching our uber fresh designer lens cases early 2010. They will be sold worldwide, so keep your eyes peeled.....better still buy them and keep your eyes squeaky clean!

Debut Art
I am pleased to announce i have now officially been taken under the wing of Debut Art Illustration agency. Home to many super fresh artists including
Jon Burgerman, Celyn, Vault49, Tado, Serge Seidlitz, Ronald
Kurniawan,Marta Cerdà and Seripop.

Bye Bye Summer!
Through the summer I attended some incredible festivals, Garden festival in Croatia, Big Chill, and Glastonbury where me and a crew got to paint some lovely bizarre deepsea neon creatures to go with last years Voodoo Totem poles that framed the DJ booth for the Spunky soundsystem. Me and fellow Artist Fett painted by day and DJ'd by night.
Proper wonky fun!

Zooms Lens!
What do you get if you aim a mega wide lens at a big nosed italian?
An even bigger nosed Italian. That's what my talented Photographer friend Zoom decided to do, late one night last month.
With huge heads and crunched up bodies, these 5ft high pasted up print outs will soon be appearing here there and everywhere.
Look out for my one (Edition 1) at Turbo Island in Stokes Croft Bristol.

It's a Boy!
I want to say a huuuuge CONGRATULATIONS to Eddie (FETT) and Margot for the birth of their new bouncin' B-Boy Felix. Can't wait to see the little critter!

I thought my new FACEBOOK photo needed to pack more of a punch so I bolted some Popeye arms on and started to smoke a pipe for good measure. Ya ga ga ga!

Art & Beer & Tunes!
If your feeling a tad parched and want to check out some of my canvases then get your beer goggles on and get yourself down to The White Bear
pub just opened at the top of St Micheals Hill in Bristol.
It's owned and run by one of the founders who brought you the infamous club night BLOWPOP! Still huge and going off for nearly 15 years.
Food,Beer,Music,Atmos,Art it's got it all! I will be down there DJing monthly on a friday. Dates TBC. Look out for Hero73* on the flyers!

That's all for now!
I'll keep you posted.
Please feel free to leave any nice comments!

Ciao for now.

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